Sander Veenhof

Sander Veenhof
My artistic field is the hybrid reality which arises when the urgency
of the real space is combined with the unbounded possibilities and
opportunities of the virtual domain. I work as an independent artists,
bypassing curators with self organised augmented reality shows in
hi-art domains such as the MoMA, but in a next project I’m
infiltrating into mass culture too: football.

Title: “SoccAR”, 2011, 2’19
The football stadium provides the perfect setting for massive
multi-player games. The focus of the audience is directed towards a
shared playing field. The players on the field act as perfect
rendering engines for sudden and unexpected moves for game characters.
Based on a football-player-tracing-systems developed by V2, a unique
new range of hybrid reality games is now possible. This video
introduces the concept of extending the football game with a layar of
arcade or artistic aesthetic gaming experiences.

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