Haike Rausch & Torsten Grosch

431art / Haike Rausch and Torsten Grosch

short bio:
Haike Rausch and Torsten Grosch have been working together on art projects under the name of 431art for more than ten years. They understand their work as experiencing the phenomena and proceedings of nature, work situations and everyday political – social realities. Through their estrangement of the common view, their gaze on familiar objects breaks the habitual patterns of perception. In so doing; they take away the supposed inherent quality, of being real, from what is considered self-evident.

Title: “Time Lap | One of those days”, 2006/2011, 10:00


The title alludes to the time lap; the time, for example when a game is halted due to the injury of a player or when a yellow card is given. What happens in overtime when a game should have already been over, or the time before and after the game? Normally this is not taken into consideration as the next game is already expected. What happens in the stadium between games? In Time Lap the lawn keeper mows the turf of the pitch.

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