Cristian Chironi

Cristian Chironi
Visual artist and performer since 1998, Cristian Chironi (Nuoro 1974) currently lives and works in Sardinia. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he explores various genres and a mixture of media including live performance, photography, video-making, drawing art, public-art and site specific interventions. His work aims at connecting ideas and concepts as varied as reality and fiction, memory and present, figure and image, two-dimensional and three dimensional representation, conflict and integration.His works have been exhibited in many galleries and art shows in Italy and abroad.

Title: Sticker, 2007, 7’26”, Sound Color
Sticker is a video that visually communicate the conflict between a figure and a background. This figurewants to be part of the background becoming like a picture card, glued onto its album.The dressing and the mimesis give the illusion that the solid figure could transform into image until when, slowly like a slow-motion soccer scene, it detaches itself from the background. Leaving in place its white silhouette, falling on the ground and then keep trying to adhere to the background. Sticker calls the audience to take cognizance of an obtuse determination.

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